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The Share Capital in Lebanon

The Share Capital in Lebanon

Foreign entrepreneurs and local investors are able to open a company in Lebanon without any restrictions. In this article, we analyze the share capital in Lebanon which is needed to set up different legal entities in this country.

The share capital in Lebanon for joint stock companies

In order to set up a joint stock company in Lebanon, the minimum shareholders’ number is three and a minimum initial capital of LBP 30,000,000 (around USD 20,000) is required.

This initial capital can be in cash and/or in-kind contributions. The in-kind contributions have to be entirely delivered at the Lebanon company formation date. 

However, the full payment of the cash capital is not necessary at the company registration date. The local legislation allows only one-fourth of this capital to be acquitted when the company is formed.

The share capital for a holding company in Lebanon

The minimum capital requirement for a holding company in Lebanon is the same as it is for joint stock companies. However, it can be denominated in a foreign currency. 

A holding company in this jurisdiction is not obliged to have a local citizen or company in its board of directors. Our company registration consultants in Lebanon can help you set up such a company here.

At the same time, a foreign Chairman of such a legal entity is exempt from having to obtain a work permit in the country.

The share capital for a Lebanese offshore company

A local offshore company in this country has to name at least one auditor, however, unlike most of the other legal entities, it does not have to appoint a lawyer if its share capital in Lebanon is smaller than USD 34,000.

This type of company is also entitled to different tax benefits, such as a fixed corporate tax rate of USD 700 and others. Our representatives can provide further details on the share capital required for offshore companies in Lebanon.

If you would like to know more about the Lebanese minimum capital, or for help to open a company in Lebanon, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff.