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Obtaining Residence Permit in Lebanon

Obtaining Residence Permit in Lebanon

Foreign citizens who intend to live and work in the country must obtain a temporary residence visa in Lebanon. In this article, our company formation agents in Lebanon explain a few aspects related to this visa and the requirements which have to be met in order to obtain it.

More details on the temporary and permanent visa in Lebanon

In order to be issued with a temporary residence permit in Lebanon to work in the country, the employee has to present a job offer from a company which is located in Lebanon.

The company must apply to the Immigration Division from the Ministry of Labor on the employee’s behalf.

The processing time frame for obtaining this type of permit is usually around one to three weeks. These visas are issued for specific jobs and they cannot be transferred between employers in this jurisdiction without prior permission. Our Lebanon company formation advisors can offer more information on this type of visa. We can also help entrepreneurs who want to open a company in Lebanon.

Foreigners who are at least 50 years old can apply for a permanent residence permit (visa) in Lebanon if they can prove they have a pension of LBP 3,000,000 (USD 2,000) per month and that they will transfer it into the country on a monthly basis.

The proof of pension and a bank statement which authorizes the monthly transfer of this pension will be required.

Applicants for the permanent residence visa in Lebanon must also supply the local authorities with their passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if any) and a recent police statement of the individual’s criminal record.

Who can apply for the temporary residence permit in Lebanon?

Temporary residence permitsin Lebanon are issued for free to Arab and foreign immigrants.

The beneficiaries of such permits can be:

• The Arab or foreign immigrant of Lebanese origin who has another citizenship and intends to obtain the Lebanese one;

• The Arab or foreign immigrant who has a Lebanese mother who is not employed;

• A Lebanese woman’s husband, if their marriage dates at least one year back;

• Other persons: our company registration consultants in Lebanon can offer more details on who these other individuals can be.

If you need to know more about obtaining the residence permit in Lebanon, or for assistance in setting up offshore companies in Lebanon, please contact us.