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Establish a Branch in Lebanon

Establish a Branch in Lebanon

Foreign companies can do business in Lebanon under the Code of Commerce. A company is considered foreign in this country if its head office is located outside Lebanon. Branches in Lebanon are able to undertake commercial activities in the country, effectuate all contracts and refer to matters to local courts. In this article, our company formation advisors in Lebanon explain different aspects related to establishing a branch in this country.

Documents needed to open a branch in Lebanon

To set up a branch of a foreign company in Lebanon, there are different documents which have to be presented to the Ministry of Economy and Trade. These include:

• The Articles of Incorporation certified by the Registrar of Commerce in the parent company’s country of origin and the Lebanese Embassy situated there;

• The minutes of the meeting of the General Assembly or the Board of Directors of the parent company, as well as the decision of setting up a branch in Lebanon and the appointment of the branch manager. Our Lebanon company formation consultants can provide further details related to these documents;

• A notarized power of attorney from the parent company on the representative’s name which enables him or her to:

o Set up and register the branch in Lebanon;

o Represent the business in front of all authorities, administrations and courts;

o Manage the affairs of the branch and sign for the business;

o Other actions: our company registration agents in Lebanon can further inform you on what these other actions may consist of.

We can help you to open such a company in Lebanon and we provide assistance in setting up all types of business entities here.

Further details on setting up a branch in Lebanon

To set up a branch in Lebanon, no minimum capital is necessary. There is also no special requirement related to the number of partners or shareholders and no local participation is needed. However, the branch must have the same activities as the parent company.

The branch of a foreign company in Lebanon must comply with the local laws and regulations related to labor, social security and income tax. Our company registration representatives in Lebanon can offer more information on what these laws are.

For more details about the branches in Lebanon, or for setting up offshore companies in Lebanon, please get in touch with our friendly staff.