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Buy a Shelf Company in Lebanon

Buy a Shelf Company in Lebanon

shelf company is an entity which has already been registered with the local authorities and which is why is also called a ready-made company. Therefore, it is a legal entity with its own directors and owners. However, it does not have any economic activities. In this article, our company formation consultants in Lebanon explain different aspects related to buying a shelf company here.

How to buy a shelf company in Lebanon?

Our Lebanon company formation advisors make it an easy process to acquire a shelf company in Lebanon

All you have to do is decide which type of entity to acquire and let us know of your intentions. 

There is a wide range of shelf companies available for sale. We will offer the different enterprise solutions, depending on each customer’s needs and desires.

We also effectuate all the market research and analysis, take care of the business licenses and product registrations which might be required in Lebanon.

When you are ready to buy the shelf company in Lebanon, all you have to do is to acquit the costs involved. Our company registration agents in Lebanon will provide you with the following:

• A company name;

• An incorporation number;

• A tax identification and number;

• An office address for your company and a telephone number;

• Bank account information;

• The registration documentation of the company.

Advantages of a shelf company in Lebanon

Shelf companies have many advantages, among which our company formation executives in Lebanon would like to mention:

• A shorter processing time: a shelf company in Lebanon takes much less time to finish its set up;

• An almost instant option: it enables you to start doing business immediately;

• Rapid bank account opening;

• Various business nature and longevity: our company registration agents in Lebanon are able to provide you with the most optimal solutions to be able to get involved in any type of industry, such as IT, investment, garment and so on, to match your requirements.

If you need to know more about shelf companies in Lebanon, or for assistance in acquiring this type of entities here, please get in touch with our Lebanon company formation representatives.