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Why Invest in Lebanon?

Why Invest in Lebanon?

A junction point of trade networks for thousands of years and a unique cultural and religious country, Lebanon is once more arising as an international and regional hub for finance, trade, services, culture and tourism. As follows, our company formation consultants in Lebanon present a few reasons why invest in Lebanon.

1. Lebanon has an advantageous location

The geographic location of the country is a major reason why, in our Lebanon company formation advisors’ opinion, foreign investors are particularly interested to do business here.

Located at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa, the country has a unique economic and cultural history.

The Lebanese economic traditions, influenced over time by Babylonians, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines and Turks, have urbanized to gain a unique liberal position in the center of the Eastern Mediterranean area.

2. Attractive tax system

The fair tax system and the tax incentives are another reason why invest in Lebanon. The tax rates in this country are not greater than 15%, being ranked as the lowest in the entire world.

The local authorities intend to strengthen the positive environment for investment by introducing exemptions, like an exemption from the income tax on profit sharing, fee reduction for work and residence permits, decreasing the building permit fees, exemption from land registration and others.

3. Ease of company registration in Lebanon

company registration in Lebanon is extremely straightforward and efficient. With around 9 days needed to set up a business and 37 days to conclude a contract, the country confers domestic and foreign entrepreneurs a competitive business climate.

Our agents can assist entrepreneurs with the entire procedure if they wish to open offshore companies in Lebanon.

In the last several years, Lebanon was actually able to promote extremely successful start-ups which became global players.

4. Regional hub for some of the most renowned media industries

The country is regarded as the center of the Arab world, with offices which serve almost the entire area and with an extremely developed and creative industry which is comprised of publishing, broadcasting, motion pictures, advertising and creative arts.

If you would like to know more about the investment opportunities in Lebanon, or for help to open a company in Lebanon, please get in touch with our friendly staff.